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What People Are Saying About Designing The Shape Of My Glasses!

I selected a rather sporty frame but my face is rather square so we went with an oval shape. I requested a demo of the lens shape and it really change how I look! Awesome effect

Dallas R,

Your face shape is very important as well as the intended use of your eyeglasses. Let's look at your face for a second. Do you have a round, square, or perhaps triangular face? In order to balance your total view, we must select a shape that complements your face shape. If your face is round, perhaps a square lens shape is ideal or maybe a triangular or a combination of both shapes.

The Licensed Optician will assist you to select the best shape for the shape of your eyeglasses and their intended use.

Designing The Shape Of Your Lenses

Which is Your Face Shape?

Adding Everything Up!

After selecting the frame and shape, the licensed optician then based on the intended use decides which coatings, materials and special effects to add to the lenses. The optician will select a material that is appropriate for drilling as well as aesthetics. Trivex, Polycarbonate or High Index is considered. High Index is for those rather high prescriptions. Based on the abbe value of the material, the optician then selects the anti-glare coating . Anti-reflective coatings are very different one from another based on property and quality.  Perfect Optics comes into play at this stage. Remember you want the clearest lens in all light conditions such as night time driving.

Lens Maps

Todays Digital Revolution is even in glass lens designs. The way a lens power is induced into a lens material is crucial. Poor lens maps add distortions but good lens map reduce distortions or aberrations that are present in the eye allowing you to actually see better. The picture shows areas of how the lens power is distributed in a digital lens.

Varilux X

Varilux X

One of the best progressive lenses available!

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