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Advanced Digital Exams


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Custom Made Eyeglasses

Custom Made Eyeglasses is one of our specialties. When you come to us, you will get the latest and the best in lenses and coatings. All glasses are not created equal. What a lot of fast optical do not tell you is that lower price really means sacrificing quality and service. Let me explain. There are two major types of lenses conventional and digital lenses. Conventional lenses use a manufacturing process that is antiquated because it basically is what its called a surfaced job that the front and back part of the lenses are grinded to specific curve the way its been done for centuries. Digital lenses are based on a computer map that takes many things into account and they correct natural errors that are called aberrations of first, second and even third order so in theory your lenses will be compensated to avoid them and your sight should be much better. The better the map, the better your sight, the more expensive the cost of your lenses. 

As for coatings, again the same goes. Lets take for example anti-reflective coatings that reduce glare. They all reduce glare but some have several qualities that the least expensive do not. Durability, this property is important because the coatings are easy to scratch. Some antiflective coatings are apply a couple time in the lens along with other properties making the lens scratch resistant and usually less attractive to dust. Dust is really what scratches your lenses when you clean them.. This dust is attracted to your lens by static electricity and then when you clean them you are scratching your lens with every wipe. 

Now a lot of places will tell you that this or that lens is a sister lens of the best lenses and coatings, the reality is that they are not.. Don't be fooled by these place because you will see less because conventional lenses are limiting as to the view, As for the coatings, you will be scratching your lenses more often and they provide a limited amount remakes at best or none at all.


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