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Dan Acosta, L.D.O., B.C. Opt.

Vision Care Specialist

Dan Acosta, L.D.O., BC Opt. is licensed and Florida Board Certified for the fitting and adaptation of contact lenses. Dan received his ophthalmic education abroad and later at the University of Houston. Additionally while in Houston, Dan attended the Contact lens Program at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dan has received credentials from the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, the American Board of Opticianry, The National Contact Lens Examiners and the O.A.A. Low Vision Dispenser Program. Dan Acosta, L.D.O., BC Opt. has work for large Ophthalmology centers in the US as well as taught classes at the College level as an Adjunct Professor of Opticianry for HCC in Tampa. 

Advanced Refractive Exams
Sports Vision Glasses-Golf
Trial Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices, and when you go to have a contact lens fitted, the contact lens specialist should measure your corneal curvature, measure your refractive error and then select and view the interaction of a diagnostic contact lens on your eye as to movement and quality of vision. All lenses must have some degree of movement. Avoid ill fitted lenses by seeing your contact lens specialists yearly. Come in For A free Contact Lens Consult. Call Us at (239) 334-2015

Sports Vision

We recently started a sports vision program for golf /tennis players. Fort Myers is one of the greatest locations due to our almost perfect all year long weather for several sports. We now do sport specific sunglasses that not only enhance your turf or court but also the hand eye coordination allowing you a better reaction time. It really is giving you an added help in winning. We have the Bolle and Serengeti collection of sport sunglasses.  Schedule an appointment for a free sport consultation. 

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